.ZIP File Extension

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Type1: Zipped File

.ZIP File Extension/File Type (Type1)

Files that end with .zip or .zipx indicate data compression files used to compress data using Shrink, Reduce, Implode, Deflate and other methods. ZIP is archive data file and it is very popular for lossless data compression. Programs that compress a file in the zip format use the different type of the compression algorithm. Deflate is the most common one. ZIP File Extension is the most popular file extension.

The ZIP file format was created by Phil Katz in the PKWARE inc. first appeared in 1989 is quite old and most popular data compression tools. Nowadays, almost every data archive tools/utility or programs support the ZIP file format compression method. Even most of the modern Operating system including Microsoft Windows and MacOS support built-in ZIP extraction, compression and decompression encryption supports.

Before then, only PKZIP utility software developed by PKWARE inc. supported the ZIP file compression. The ZIP file also very popular on the internet. That’s why ZIP has a specific internet media type on the internet. The internet media type for ZIP file is application/zipZIP file also has a Uniform Type Identifier UTI) as com.pkware.zip-archive .

Name Description
Developer Phil Katz
Category Text File
Invented 1989
Status Active

Data Compression General Methods using ZIP

Basically, there are many methods are applied while compressing a  single file with ZIP file format. Here methods is generally algorithms. They can be simple storing (without compression), PPMd, WavPack method, bzip2, Implode, Deflate, Shrink, Reduce etc. Deflate is the most common compression method in a ZIP file compression.

Programs that open .ZIP file

ZIP File Extension is a very popular file extension and file type supported by many compression software. It is an open file format and very old file type as well. The list of most popular software given below that open ZIP file.

Operating System Programs
Windows OS Winzip
Windows Operating System
B1 Free Archiver
File viewer Plus
Stufflt Micro Deluxe
Power Archiver
MacOS B1 Free Archiver
Apple Archive Utility
Stullft Micro Delux
Corel Winzip for Mac
Bee Archiver
The Unarchiver
Android ZArchiver
File Viewer for Android

Type2: Application ROM File

.ZIP File Extension/File Type (Type2)

Some application/software ROM file is packaged as .ZIP file. It is basically a compressed file. Some gaming console such as MAME gaming console uses the ZIP file to install a game on the console. So as a result, we can see .ZIP File Extension also used for software package installer as well.