YUV Color Space

Definition – What is YUV Color Space

 The term YUV Color Space is a color space used in television manufacturing companies. It is a color encoding system for the analog color television. It encodes color from the RBG (Red Blue and Green) color system. YUV color encoding system is a compressed version of RBG and it is very portable for embedding the color signals into a black and white picture tube-based television. It reduces the bandwidth while transmission chrominance (color) components.

YUV color space can interact with analog picture tube color television and even digital television and static images as well using a derivatives form of YUV: PAL and NTSC color encoding system.

You may familiar with the terms PAL and NTSC, mostly these terms used in the color television brightness and color settings. These two encoding systems are the derivative of YUV color encoding system. In the modern television, you can control the YUV values to change your color preference by using a remote.

YUV Working Stage

In the very early stage of television invention, when the color television is not invented yet. In the old B&G television only the factor (“Y”) was used. Here Y indicates luma sections. The black and white systems only used luma (“y”) transmission for producing black and white motion graphics or static images. Then the extra UV stage was invented when the engineers wanted to add the color transmission system in the black and white pictures.

U and V encode the color combination into the picture tube by calling the RBG properties and components. But these two color information was added separately by using a sub-carrier. Ultimately the YUV color space was developed and embedded simultaneously in the analog color television.

Nowadays the YUV encoding system is being used in the computer, tablet and smartphone by converting them into RBG format. They can be converted into many formats such as 8 pixels, 12 pixels, 16 pixels or 24 pixels. YUV have also many types such as YUV444, YUV411, YUV422 etc.

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