What is YubiKey?

YubiKey is a multi-factor authentication security device used in the computer to access the password/passcode protected files and site easily. It is a high secured authentication system for preventing the password protected content from any unauthorized users.

The YubiKey looks like a simple flash drive with a USB port. The YubiKey users can access their protected content very quickly and easily by touching on the YubiKey’s sensor after connecting in via USB port. It is much faster even than using a one-time passcode. It is very hassle-free to use because it does not require a battery power.

YubiKey is Multi-factor, not 2 Factor

The YubiKeys support multifactor authentication.  It makes sure the extreme security of password protected files and data. Almost all the files and content on your local computer and the remote computer or all of your web services you can lock using YubiKeys. It is also supported by almost all popular operating system including MS Windows, MacOS, Linux etc.

YubiKey supports a number of authentication method including one-time passcode Authentication, cryptographic protocols, PIV smart card, Open PGP, HOTP, TOTP, FIDO U2F etc. By using one of the corresponding methods you can secure your password manager, social networking site, your online information and much more without keeping in mind the long trail complex password and login credentials.

YubiKeys Versions

Till now this secure authentication device debuted many different versions of models including:

  • YubiKey4 – it is the USB-A port supported device
  • YubiKey4 nano – The mini version of YubiKey4 works as same
  • YubiKey4C – it is the USB-C port supported device
  • YubiKey4C nano – The mini version of YubiKey4C
  • YubiKey5 series

You can order your one from this site: https://www.yubico.com (Shifted in the US only)


  • This device is fully waterproof and built-in crush resistance.
  • Enjoy single factor, two factor or multi-factor authentication as your need.
  • Supper easy to access with a single touch.
  • Five-time faster than entering through a one-time passcode.
  • You can always access because no batteries and internet connection is required to access.