.YML File Extension

YML File Extension

.yml is a file extension of YAML language. YAML commonly stands for YAML Ain’t Markup Language is a data serialization language used to configure application’s file. It is an extensively used markup language in the software application to configure file.  It has superb clear syntax and features including Indented delimiting, Non-hierarchical data models etc for Data processing and representation. YAML language also works with .yaml file extension besides .yml file extension. Basically, they are the same. But may vary in some special case while writing YAML file.

YAML language can communicate with XML and JSON File interactively in programs. You can specify your custom data types that is much related to XML custom tagging. It is used widely because it has libraries that allow working with almost all programming languages.

This Language hugely used for:

  • It is easily readable by humans that inspire to learn
  • Easy to implement and learn
  • Portable among the programming languages
  • Support great one-pass processing
  • Really support native data structure of Agile languages.

Learn YAML Ain’t Markup Language

You can learn this language from the official website at https://yaml.org.  YAML has many libraries for different language like Syck for C/C++, RbYaml for Ruby, PyYaml for Python, JvYaml for Java, JS-Yaml for Javascript etc.

File Example of YAML

This shopping-activity.yml or shopping-activity.yaml represents customer details of a shop selling an iPhone 8.

receipt:     iPhone 8 Purchase Invoice
date:        2017-08-06
    first_name:   Jhon Doe
    family_name:  Alex
    - part_no:   A4786
      descrip:   iPhone 8 256GB Gold
      price:     $$.$
      quantity:  1

bill-to:  &id001
    street: |
            123 Abc US
            Suite 02
    city:   New York city
    state:  NY

ship-to:  *id001

specialDelivery:  >
    Follow the Brick lane
    Road to the Emerg city hall.
    Pay no attention to the building behind the curtain.

In this way, this marked up language define and explain any kinds of data mainly configuration files of an application to work the scripting file together.