.WPS File extension

WPS File Extension/File Type

The files that end with .WPS File Extension indicates a document file originally supported by the Microsoft Works. Microsoft Works is a discontinued software program. This document software program discontinued at the early of 2006. It is also a word processing file just like .DOC file. Actually when the MS Works program discontinued at 2006, at the same time the .WPS file was replaced by the popular .DOC file extension.

Nowadays, this extension is not active. But still, many word processor programs can open .WPS file because of “LIBWPS” library distributions. You can still open a .WPS file in the MS word program. In some cases, if it does not work, make sure you have selected “All file types” or “Word2000” before ope the file.

Like a standard .DOC file a .WPS file does not support advanced text formatting. So most of the formatting won’t support if you save a document in .WPS file extension. It also does not support macros.

For Microsoft Windows, the final version of Microsoft Works was 9.0 that was discontinued in 2010. But for MacOS the final version was 4.0 that was discontinued very early at 2006. That’s why Microsoft Works documents or .wps files are rarely supported by MacOs today. However, the NeoOffice 2.2 or newer version can open all kinds of .WPS file on the MacOs. Because NeoOffice comes with “libwps” library.

Name Description
File Extension Example.wps, *.wps
File Type Binary
File Category Text File
Developer Microsoft inc.
Status Discontinued but Supported by few programs
Related Extension .DOC file extension

For Linux, there is no program developed for opening the Microsoft Works documents or .WPS file extension by Microsoft inc. But a Linux based word processing Software program OxygenOffice can be used for opening and editing .WPS file. The program, OxygenOffice also comes with the “libswps” library distributions that why it support .WPS file or Microsoft Works files.

Using “Microsoft Works 69 Converter” you can convert a .WPS file into a .DOC file. This program is supported by Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

How to Open WPS Files

You can use some WPS file supported word processing Software program to open a .WPS file. These programs are available on Windows OS, MacOS and some on Linux. To open a .WPS file, run one of the installed programs on your computer given in the table below then browse for the desired .WPS file and double-click to open the file.

Operating System Programs
Windows Microsoft Works
Works 6-9 Converter
MacOS LibreOffice
Linux OpenOffice Pro
OxygenOffice Pro

*Not all supported program that opens .wps file may not be included here.