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So what is the reason for learning HTML? I think you already know about it a little. Let’s make your concept a lil bit more clear. Learning HTML is a fundamental concept of both web design and web development. So if you find the reason, why learn HTML. Then the short answer is “HTML is the first footprint for entering the web design and web development world.”

Why learn HTML – Explained (Absolute Beginner)

HTML is the building block of a website. And websites are the resources those run on a web browser to send, receive and represent different kinds of data (text, images, data, graphs, etc) remotely using HTTP/HTTPS request. Every time you open a web browser (chrome, firefox, opera, etc) and type a web address like “www.progracoding.com” you make a request to the remote web server for the corresponding IP address  using a WAN (wide area network) and then in a quick time the server responds by sending the hosted data on the server storage.

We are getting into deep. But we don’t need that. To learn HTML we don’t need to know the browser’s back end workflow, like sending the request and accepting the data according to the server’s response. Notice the marked line above “represent different kinds of data“. Yes, HTML is the only tools for representing the data in a simplified/designed/structured look.

Web browsers are made for understanding HTML markup or HTML tag. So if you want to build a website that runs on a web browser then you must have to talk with the web browser to structure the web page.  And HTML is the only language web browsers can talk with to structure the skeleton of a web page.

TricksWeb design pathway

You can implement HTML code to develop raw HTML page.  But if you want to style the raw page made with HTML the next step is, you have to learn CSS (cascading stylesheet). Using CSS property you can beautify the page look with color, layout, special effect, etc. And finally, if you want to add more functionality like (animation, live content changes, special effects, etc)  with your web page then, Javascript is the best tool to do it. In general, learning these three tools gradually (HTML>CSS>Javascript) can help you to be a basic web designer.

If you want to be an expert web designer then you can add some extra tools to your learning schedule. You can learn more about web design and web development strategies, check out our Web design and development basic course.

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