Why Learn C / Applications of C

Why Learn C?

In this article, we will try to understand why C is very important to learn to be a smart computer programmer/developer. C is a general-purpose and high-level programming language.

Here the term “General purpose” in C programming lest’s allow you to work with different computing and programming field including hardware programming, system programming, native application programming, game programming, etc.

Learning C as the 1st Language

Truly C is the base language of many other languages. So if you want to grab the concepts of many other languages then, learning C as your first language will be the best option. Most of the universities teach their students C as the first programming language.

Top Reasons for Learning C / Applications of C

We already learned C is a general-purpose programming language that allows programmers to work with different applications domain. It can be a reason for learning C programming. Because it is extending your work and job surface. Although C is a high-level programming language but using C you can program and control any hardware. That means C is a hardware level programming language which made this language robust and very powerful.

Here are the top reasons for learning the C programming language;

  • If you want to know how the computer internal system works, then learning C is a perfect choice. We learned, using C you can program hardware. If you learn C then you will able to understand how a computer and computer program/application works. Because major operating systems and their kernel are programmed using C.C has very low-level memory access and allocation. Unlike other high-level programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, by using this power of C you can write system applications, entire OS, OS kernel and unlimited hardware programming without any control limit.
  • Using C you can program native desktop applications. Many professional applications have been programmed using C. For example, The Python Interpreter, Oracle Database System, Git, MySQL database, Adobe applications and many more.
  • You can also program smartphone applications using C. Today’s most popular operating system, Android and iOS applications can be programmed using C. Already many professional applications are programmed with C.
  • You can program any kinds of Embedded device and IoT device using C. Many IoT device and Embedded device like mp3 player, mini-computer, and different kinds of small pieces of hardware can be programmed with C. And this feature made this language very robust and powerful worldwide.

How “C Program” Works?

C is a compiled programming language. It means a special tool is called compiler compiles/converts the source file with .c file extension to an object file. The object file can be read by the machine. And finally, an executable file is created by the compilers from the object file. Then the compiled executable file can run on the implemented machine.

In the later chapters, we will learn everything about C programming step by step.

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