What is Trackback in WordPress Installation directory

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System). Many awesome features are included in this CMS that’s why it is widely used. And very popular among the non-technical webmasters and blogger. Trackback is one of the common features in WordPress based website.

So what is Trackback in WordPress

Trackback is a feature in backlinking and not specific feature for WordPress. Other content management system also uses this specification. And its also supported by WordPress. It is a way of communication between Bloggers and webmasters. It is a legacy communication system and involved with a pingback to send the notification to the end users. The users will be notified automatically when the user link to a specific WordPress blog. Unlike Pinkback It is a manual process. That means every time a blog post is written and each time writer must include the URI into Trackback module field. Its notify about new updates on a specific website in which website linked to.

How to Send Trackback

If a Website is trackback enabled then you will find a URI link somewhere in the post page with the anchor text “Trackback URI”. Simply copy the link by right mouse clicking. Then got to your blog and locate the trackback module field. Now paste the URI link when your post is written, publish it. Your trackback will be sent to the target website or blog.

Note: If you don’t see trackback module field in WordPress blog while writing a post. That means the option is hidden. To see this option click on the “Screen Option” from the upper-right. Check the option “Send trackback”. Now you can send trackback by entering the trackback URI.

About Trackback

Trackback is similar to link exchanging tools is used to achieve backlinks for search engine optimization. This technology first implemented by Six Apart a private software developing company at the end of 2002. Including WordPress many other CMS support trackback such as Drupal, Joomla, Movable type etc.