What is Music Therapy ( Definition and Explanation )

Learn what is music therapy and how to apply it on individuals

Then What is Music therapy?

Music Therapy is a kind of evidence-based clinical treatment given by an approved music therapist. It is very helpful for a singer and musician who want to produce a better vocal and communicate with others. Although, music therapy primarily applied for vocal improvement and but also it has a variety of effects in the human body. It also helps with Physical, emotional, communication skill, social interaction, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Music therapy also provides an outlet expression of feeling.

Music Therapy not only used for Professional Musician, Performer or Media Artist but also used on general folks who are suffering in Social Anxiety. It improves their emotional feeling, social interaction and communication skill with others.

Who is a Music Therapist?

Music Therapist obviously a doctor, but a music therapist research in music therapy with a strong background. We know, different doctor research in a specific field and we name them as their research field. Such as, Doctor who research in medicine called medicine doctor. Here is a list of Requirements to be verified and approved Music Therapist.

  • Music therapists must have a bachelor degree or higher in music therapy from one of AMTA’s 72 approved colleges and universities and 1200 hours of clinical training.
  • Music therapists must hold the MT-BC credential, issued through the Certification Board for Music Therapists, it protects the public by ensuring competent practice and requiring continuing education. Some countries also require licensure for board-certified music therapists.
  • Music Therapy is an evidence-based health profession with a strong research foundation and background.
  • Music Therapy degrees require knowledge of psychology, medicine, and music.