What is display advertising

Basically, the term display advertising usually used since the Web has been developed. Display advertising has many aspects and that’s why many people defined as many ways so many time it can be hard to define actually what is display advertising means. One can tell display advertising is similar to online marketing. It is not. Online marketing is an extended concept and display advertising is just branch of online advertising, they are not similar.

So what is display advertising?

Display advertising is a type of advertising and obviously online advertising, generally implemented into the website by a few lines of JavaScript or HTML code In order to monetize a website. Unlike local advertisement such as newspaper advertising, The display advertising fully depend on digital content.

It is a branch of online marketing and used by millions of publishers who own a website. The ads can be placed at the top of a website or in the footer. It also can be placed at the sidebar or in the content. Display ads have several types such as text ads,  images ads or even video ads and all ads obviously contain the advertiser’s site link.

All these at can be divided into many formats that determine by pixel. According to the Google AdSense, the recommended at size are 300×250 or 336×280 pixel, 300×600 also known as half-page-banner, 320×110 or 728×90 pixel banner. But a publisher can use a custom ad size as needed.


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