.96 File Extension

Corel Ventura dpi display font

What is .96 file Extension

Files that end with .96 extension are associated with Corel Ventura Publisher a display font system for MS Docs, Microsoft Windows and Apple. This file extension no longer supported by any operating system now. This file extension contains 96/96 dpi display font.

 File Type dpi display font for various OS
 Developer Corel Ventura Publisher
CategoryDisplay Font
 Status Discontinued, no longer used actively
 Opens with Click to see

How to Open .96 File

Have you got a file with ending .96 extension? If you found your question will be how can I open this file. Before trying to open this 96 file you have to know which kind of file type it is. Files that end with .96 generally refer to dpi display font for the cross-platform Operating system such as MS Dos, Microsoft Windows and Apple. 

To open 96 files, select the desired file you want to open and then double click on it. If the file does not open, may your system have not installed the right application that can open .96 file type.

Note: If you do not find the appropriate program to open this file, you can open with a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++

Programs that open .96 File

Depending on your Operating System Install the required software applications and try to open .96 file.

Operating SystemApplications
Microsoft WindowsUnknown
Mac OSUnknown

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