Web SQL Database

Definition – What is Web SQL Database

Web SQL is a client-side database management system. It is used to add, store, delete, update data from the Web SQL client from the user’s web browsers. Web SQL uses Javascript notation to implement database in the web browser. It also uses the basic SQL language command to create, add, update and delete data.

So, to implement the Web SQL database you must have to learn about basic HTML, Javascript and SQL (Structured Query Language) first to implement Web SQL. If you want to style the database web interface the learning CSS can help you then.

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Explanation – Web SQL Database

As Web SQL is a client-side database management system. It is controlled by the users. When a specific site data is deleted the Web SQL data will be deleted also for that specific site. Web developers use Web SQL to store some temporary data to the user’s Web SQL storage.

You can find out the Web SQL database from the browser’s developer console. A specific site is using the Web SQL database or not, you can ensure this from the Developer tools.

To activate developer console, press CTRL + F12 from your keyboard. The web console tab will be open. From the top menubar select Application. Now from the left sidebar click on the WebSQL option to see a website is using WebSQL or not.

Web SQL interface (Developer Console)

If a site use Web SQL database then all the stored data with database tables, keys, ids, and values will be shown here. Empty interface indicates the site is not using Web SQL.

Web SQL Real-world Usage

In the real world, the uses of Web SQL is to store temporary data to the user’s browser. Unlike cookie it has not only key and value field, it has tables, database name, keys, values, etc features. It is also used for tracking the users activity in the browser.

For example, if you visit a website for the first time then probably it pops up an email subscription form. You may notice, the popup subscription box will continue showing up every time you visit that website until you subscribe the mailing list.

Developers can do this using Web SQL. When you subscribe to a mailing list from a popup box then the data will be stored in Web SQL to tell the server that you have subscribed.

Deleting the site data will also delete the Web SQL data. And it will again start showing up the box again until you subscribe again.