10 best uses of Matlab Programming Language

The MATLAB Programming Language

Matlab is a multi-paradigm and functional Programming language written in C, C++, and Java. This language used in many fields in these modern days basically in science and research industries and organizations. To produce a new invention many industry and company use math to determine the design of the product. Then the engineers come to know the uses of MATLAB Programming language in many cases.

Matlab quick fact

It was developed about 35 years ago by MathWorks inc a private company for developing mathematical computing software and Applications. Matlab Programming language mainly used in numerical analysis and also allows matrix manipulations.

Matlab can interact with programs written with other programming languages. It is a professionally designed language trusted by millions of engineers and scientist. You can use Matlab to big data analytics or develop the algorithm to build wireless communication systems and simulation through its clear and strong syntax. It can also call other programming languages like C or Python and can interact simultaneously.  The Matlab Syntax has built with variable, loop, Function, Classes etc. 
Developer MathWorks inc by Cleve Moler
Developed in 1983 – Appx. 35 years ago
Developed with C, C++, Java
Run on Windows, Mac, Linux
Paradigm multi-paradigm, functional, Object-oriented, Array
File extension example.m (.m)
License commercial software
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Uses of Matlab Programming Language

The uses of Matlab is very extensive used by the expert system developer. Some of them…

1. Numerical Analysis

In the engineering and architects section to perform some task is impossible without Numerical Analysis.  Such as, to complete a building construction some certain task must take help of Numerical Analysis. And Matlab comes with a strong feature to solve this problem. That’s why you will see many universities teach MATLAB in the architecture section. Although there are many alternatives to MATLAB that are even open source and free to use.

2. Playing Mathematics

Many people love to play with math. Thousands of theorem exist in this world to solve math. We can analysis any kinds of math by its theorem and calculations. But why we use the calculator to solve math? obviously for the shortcut. In the mathematics field, Matlab used to play math. Matlab can analysis a math theory and It can drive to the applied solution of theoretical math. I am explaining a physical example for better understanding. Suppose you have a complex mathematics solver device (i.e: Advanced Scientific Calculator) manufacturer. To build these devices you can use the MATLAB programming to embed the specific math theory and process into the device. This is basically known as the embedding system.

3. Analysis of Linear Algebra

You can analysis and extend Linear Algebra by Matlab Programming language although it will be hard to believe to you. For example, if you want to calculate the Return on Investment (ROY) then you will need Linear Algebra. We can calculate this ROY by a pen on a paper by basic mathematical properties and theories. But what do you think, when you will calculate it through a computer or an embedded system like an advanced calculator? Yes, Using Matlab can be very easy than others to build such kind of system.

4. Matlab in Education

Many universities teach MATLAB Programming language as I mentioned above. Especially in math and architecture department, Matlab is the must. If you are a student of architecture or math department, you can easily purchase a copy of Matlab with a special discount for your classes.

5. Reveal Science

Matlab is used to explore a completely new theory by analyzing the code. Especially a computer scientist research o a specific type of solving the problem to invent new features and system. In this case, Matlab can be useful. And to do this really Matlab is using widely because it is professionally designed. And obviously, it is a compact tool for solving the problem and building system.

6. In the Research Fields

In the computer system and features researching field, researchers research on things. After making an output he probably wants to verify the output result or answer. Then Lets you Matlab verify the output. It just works as a researcher suggests. Many time MATLAB users require graphics to explain the system and features to non-technical researchers or folk.

7. Image Processing

As the MATLAB is suitable for linear analysis. But it also can an expert matrix manipulation. By using this feature, it can be used for image processing. In real life, many image sharing company or image stock process image using lines of Matlab code. The function of image processing works with pixel conversion. Reducing the image size, frame adjustment, etc manipulated by Matlab matrix manipulation technique.

8. Embedded System Programming

It also extensively used to create embedded devices. Although for embedded system a primary boot device is needed that is written in another system language to start the device. Then use the Matlab compiled source code to function the embedded device.