How to use TAG in Windows PC for Efficient File Search

Windows Search

Windows have a very smart search feature built-in Cortana and it can be for searching almost anything. Just you have to enter the search Keyword to find your specific file on windows. The same search features available in your hard drive folders. You can search for a specific folder or even entire hard drive. Ok, we know the built-in search feature for windows is smart enough for finding a specific file very quickly. However, you can use another implementation to search file more efficiently and instantly.

You can use Tagging to search file more quickly. Yes! Tags for searching a specific file instantly is very helpful. This feature is available for a long time in windows but rarely used. So now in this article, we will talk about how to use tagging to search a specific file even more quickly. It is quite easy. Let’s try.

So what is Tagging for File Searching

Like others tagging system you have seen ever the windows tagging is a file property that can be used to search a specific file quickly. You may know about the Facebook hashtag. The Facebook hashtag is used to search a specific term post. Like this, you can use the tag in the specific file to search a specific file quickly on your windows computer.

How to Use Tag in Windows

To use tagging in a file for smart searching purpose select a file then:

  • Right-click on the file and select properties from the options
  • Then click on the details tab from the horizontal tab list
  • You will see an option “Tags” under description option. Just double-click on the empty place beside Tags.
  • A writeable box will appear. Now write your desired tag in the box.
  • To use multiple tag use semi-colon (;) between two tags.
  • Then click Ok to save.

Use Tag in Windows file Properties for instant search

Okk! The tricky part has been finished. Now it is time to search the file quickly.

Search Smartly Using Tags

Like the normal search, you generally perform on your Windows computer. Similarly, just use the Cortana search button to search the tagged file. Use the Tag you entered as search keywords. To search the tagged file just enter the search keywords and switch to Document view.

Use Tag in windows file for instant search

Your searched file should be indexed instantly. Because Windows 10 has very smart and better indexing capacity.

Ease of uses

Do you have tons of file that deserve same tag or a specific common tag? Ok, If you have lots of the same file and you want to use some same tag for each file. Would you enter those tag individually? Ahh! it is very time-consuming. So for those same tag can we enter those tag at once by using multiple file selection option?
Yes. we can. Let’s see how to do it.

  • First, Select all file you want to use the same Tag
  • Then similarly click the right mouse button
  • and go to Properties>Details
  • Then similarly add your desired tags and click Ok to save.


Supported File Format for Tagging

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