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Learn Linux Server Administration and Linux OS Management

What is Linux?

Linux is a very popular and widely used open-source operating system. It is a very simple yet very powerful operating system to use for different kinds of purposes including personal uses and business uses. In this Linux Tutorial Series, we will learn about every possible aspect of Linux OS.

Learn Linux from the Sketch
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Nowadays, the Linux operating system is being used to run powerful web servers as it comes free of costs. That’s why it is very reliable to use. By the way, It security system is also enough stronger.

Linux Tutorial PrograCoding

Linux has been designed mainly for the command-line interface, but you can also use a desktop environment for graphical experience by using GNOME Desktop or KDE Desktop environment. We will learn more about these later.In this Linux Tutorial, we will learn the most basic Linux concept, like installing Linux on your computer, setting up the desktop environment, basic command line operation, file system, etc. We will also cover advanced Linux administration in the later chapters.

Why You Should Take This Course

This tutorial was designed for those who want to explore the Linux operating system as well as basic command line operation, file I/O, processes and networking administration.

This tutorial discusses from very basic to advanced level Linux concept like, from installing and setting up Linux to advanced Linux administration.

As Linux is based on mainly command line operation, It makes ease of use and speedy for operating backend server. And if you are looking for CLUE or “Command Line User Experience” then this series of tutorial might be useful.

About This Linux Tutorial Series

Still, are you thinking that learning Linux is difficult? Don’t worry, keep your mind in ease. This tutorial series discusses the core functionality and usage from very basic to advanced level with the best possible easiest manner. Let’s get started!

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