Unique Visitor

Definition – What is Unique Visitor

The term unique visitor basically referred to the unique user visited on a certain website or cloud application within a specified period of time. Most of the time this term used in the web analytics software program or application. You will find the term Unique visitor as an individual section in the popular web statics and analytics software such as Google Analytics, StatCounter, Clicktale, Clicky, Chruch Analytics etc.

To track the Unique Visitor (UV) or Unique User (UU) webmasters use different kinds of technologies behind the tracking application. Primarily they track the visitor using an API (Application programming interface) basically written in a programming language as a medium. Then ultimately the API catch each unique IP Address to determine.

There is some dynamic protocols configuration you will find, every time a user requests a file from a website the IP Address changes every time. This also can happen by the dynamic configuration of ISP (Internet Services Provider). So In this case, if a webmaster uses only IP address to track the unique visitor or unique user then every time a user request for a specific file of a website the IP address change every time and that’s why it makes one visitor looks like many.

So How Does It Works?

It is very important to analyze a website statics especially Unique visitor to the advertisers and sponsors. This term is still controversial although modern technology can measure the accurate numbers of Unique visitors. Remember that unique visitor does not indicate the unique user. It indicates the unique computer or devices. If one user uses two computer home and office and used to visit the same website, the will act as two unique visits.

As the IP address can be changed dynamically on a computer, So it is clear that it is not possible to track the actual unique visits count only using by determining IP address. So to get this job done, webmasters use cookie and sessions in the user’s browser database. Every time a user visits a website a small cookie file is captured in the browser’s database as an identifier file when the user visits the site again before the cookie expires the user captured as a non-unique visitor. So cookies help much to track the unique visits of a website.

If a user clears the browser data or reinstalls the browser the cookie file also will be deleted. In this case, if the user visits again the specified website then the user will be tracked as a unique visitor. Some visitors use more than one web browsers as a time, In this case, the cookie file is basically separated from the one. So the visits counted as unique visits. So it is controversial to the advertisers. But some advanced analytic software can measure the near accurate Unique visitors.