.TXT File Extension

TXT File Extension/File Type

Files that end with .TXT extension indicates the most popular unformatted text file supported by most of the information based software program. The .txt file extension is commonly known as simple text file used for storing information and important plaintext data. Most of the time a text file represent some instruction on a specific digital product (e.g: Software program). Commonly these files come as Readme.txt instruction file.

Most of the log file and error reporting file use .txt file for recording the logging data of a software program or web server. However .LOG File extension also used for these types of files. LOG files are also unformatted or plain text file similar to .txt file extension basically used for the log file.

Plain Text file like .TXT file or .LOG file does not support any rich or advanced formatting for the text. However, a simple text editor or text viewer may change the font size, font style and font types for representing the information. So if you want to work with a rich text document such as, CV, Resume, Question paper the use Microsoft Word processing file .DOCX file or .DOC file extension.

By using some parameter and function supported by the text editor software program you can change the font size and font style. It is the only way for representing your plaintext data in different ways.

Name Description
File Extension Example.txt, Readme.txt, *.txt
File Type Binary
File Category Text file
Developer Not available
Status Active
Related Extension .DOCX File Extension

Almost all major Operating System including Windows, MacOs and Linux come with .txt supported software distributions. WordPad and Notepad is the default program for opening, editing and viewing the .TXT file. If you are using MacOS then TextEdit is a handy program for managing text files. The most popular plaintext editor for Linux OS is Gedit. Gedit also available on MS Windows and MacOS. Moreover, many smart devices and programs support .TXT file, such as Web browsers (e.g: Chrome, Mozilla), Smartphone, Amazon Kindle etc.

Programs that support .TXT file editing function can create new .TXT file as well. To create a new text file on Windows right-click on your mouse on the desktop and click on the new option. From the sub-menu select Text document. A new .TXT file will be created with a name “New text document.txt”

How to Open TXT Files

To open a .TXT file locates the text file first on your hard drive. Then double-click your mouse. The text file will be open with the default program you if have any supported program installed on your computer. If you want to open a text file with another program rather than default program then select the “Open with” opting from the sub-menu and select your desired program.

Operating System Programs
Windows MS Notepad
MS WordPad
MS Word
Web browsers
MacOS TextEdit
MS Word for Apple
Other text editors
Linux Gedit
Other text editors
Android Mobile Browsers
Kingsoft WPS Writer
Jota Text Editor
Other text editors
iOS Polaris Office
OfficeSuite Pro
Other text editors