• Statically Typed Language

    Definition – What is Statically Typed Language Statically typed is a feature of programming language. It means, while declaring a variable, the user must define the data type before declaring…

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  • System Programming

    System programming is a type of computer programming that involves the development of the core system (e.g: Operating System). The main function of system programming is to connect the system…

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  • Software Testing

    Software testing is a step of the software development process. In this step of the software development process, computer programmers find out the bugs and program error by running the…

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  • Syntax Error

    Definition – What is Syntax Error Every programming language has its own basic syntax. Basic syntax consists of some notation and signs to construct programming instruction. While writing source code…

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  • Software Development

    Software Development is the process of planning, designing and building computer program using different computer programming languages and other development concepts.

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  • Software Debugging

    The Term Debugging refers to the process of resolving program bugs found in the software testing phase. In general, a computer programmer or software developer is responsible for finding and…

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  • Source Code

    Source codes are human-readable computer instructions that are basically written for developing a program for solving a real-world problem. In general, the source code is written and saved into a…

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  • Serialization


    Definition – What is Serialization Serialization is a method of translating data especially structured data that can be stored in a specific format in a file or on a hard drive.…

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  • Scripting Language

    Scripting Language

    Definition – What is Scripting Language A Scripting language is a high-level computer programming language that can be used in application development that supports automated tasks execution or manually by the system operator…

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  • Stylesheet Language

    Stylesheet Language

    Definition – What is Stylesheet Language A stylesheet language is a specific type of computer language that represents the looks of a webpage in a web browser or other document. In…

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