• Assertion in Computer Programming

    In computing, Assertion is a standard debugging tool. Mainly used while the development process of a software application in order to find the critical logic error easily. The functions of…

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

    Definition – What is the rich internet application A rich internet application often abbreviated with RIA also known as Rich web application is a web-based application that provides the same…

  • Statically Typed Language

    Definition – What is Statically Typed Language Statically typed is a feature of programming language. It means, while declaring a variable, the user must define the data type before declaring…

  • Web SQL Database

    Web SQL is a client-side database management system. It is used to add, store, delete, update data from the Web SQL client from the user's web browsers.

  • First-class Function

    In computer programming, when a function can be passed as an argument through other function is called the first-class function. First-class functions act like ordinary values of a variable.

  • Bytecode

    The term Bytecode refers to a type of code for execution of a programming language generated by a software program called virtual machine or VM. Bytecode is neither compiled code…

  • High-Level Programming Language

    A high-level programming language is a programming language that is intended to be considered as the 3rd generation of the programming language evaluation.

  • System Programming

    System programming is a type of computer programming that involves the development of the core system (e.g: Operating System). The main function of system programming is to connect the system…

  • Fortran (Programming language)

    Python is a generic, multi-paradigm, object-oriented, structured programming language designed by John Backus at IBM and first appeared in 1957.

  • PIP – Python Package Manager

    PIP is a command line tool for Python Programming language. PIP is used to manage the python packages. By using PIP tools you can install, uninstall and manage available python…

  • Automated Clearing House Network (ACH)

    Automated Clearing House Network, in short, known as ACH Network - is an electronic payment processing system in the United States. It processes a large volume of transactions including direct…

  • General Purpose Programming Language

    General Purpose Programming language is very useful for the computer programmers for working on a variety of applications domain with a single general purpose programming language like Java Programming

  • Software Testing

    Software testing is a step of the software development process. In this step of the software development process, computer programmers find out the bugs and program error by running the…

  • Syntax Error

    Definition – What is Syntax Error Every programming language has its own basic syntax. Basic syntax consists of some notation and signs to construct programming instruction. While writing source code…

  • Software Development

    Software Development is the process of planning, designing and building computer program using different computer programming languages and other development concepts.