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  • PHP Loops

    In computer programming, Loops are used to iterate or repeat tasks. In the following chapters, we will learn how to operate PHP Loops. Loops in PHP As PHP is a…

  • PHP MySQL Tutorial

    MySQL is a very popular database management system that is used by millions of developers along with the PHP scripting language.

  • create .htaccess file on Windows PC

    How to Create .htaccess File on Windows Computer

    Avoid the Error, "You must type a filename" while creating the .htaccess file Apache webserver. Follow these simple 5 steps to create the .htaccess file.

  • PHP Syntax

    Every programming language/scripting language/markup language has its own unique syntax. Every developer uses those syntaxes while developing a web application or desktop application or mobile application. Like all other languages,…

  • Environment Setup for PHP Development

    In the previous tutorial you have learned, PHP is a server-side scripting language. That’s why PHP must have a web server environment in order to execute and show output. That’s…

  • PHP Tutorial

    What is PHP? PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is a widely used server-side scripting language used by millions of web developers. It is specially designed for web development purposes.…

  • Install Different Theme on wordpress on each subdomain progracoding

    Install Different Theme on new Subdomain using WP

    WordPress Glossary WordPress is fully free CMS and extremely flexible CMS and also easy to use. Every Webmaster either Technical or Non-technical. Even without basic HTML and CSS concept one can…

  • How to embed php into html - progracoding

    How to Embed PHP programming Language in HTML

    Common Uses of PHP PHP can execute System function that means it can Delete, create, Open, Read, Write from a Systems file. It is possible to delete, rename, create and modify…

  • How to Install PHP on Unix Or Linux

    Requirements To Install PHP on your Linux or Unix Based Computer you will need some file and apps that available on the Web. You can Simply download them before the…

  • How to Write PHP Scripts and Run on Local Computer

    Way to Run PHP on Local Computer In order to run PHP on a local computer, you must have to setup the necessary file and Application on your computer. Here…