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You can also subscribe our Push notification on your web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari on every major post notification and weekly best updates from progracoding. To subscribe our push notification follow the steps below:

Step1: If you are a new visitor to PrograCoding you should get a prompt popup notification that asked for allowing the push notification. If you click the allow button you are successfully subscribed the push notification.

Push Notification Progracoding

Click on the Allow button to Subscribe the Push Notification.

Step2: If you avoid or click No thanks button in step 1 then you can manually active the Push Notification. To do this click on the green SSL secure locked massage of the URL bar of the left side while browsing our site.  Then click on the site setting and navigate to Notifications option

Push notification 01 PrograCoding

Then make sure the Notification option is in Allow mode like above image. Then close the tab. Now you can get regular major updates from PrograCoding. Thank you.

To unsubscribe from PrograCoding Push notification you just click on the secure SSL locked button and then go to site setting mentioned above and change the Notification option to Blocked. That’s it.