Software Testing

Definition – What is Software Testing

Software testing is a step of the software development process. In this step of the software development process, computer programmers find out the bugs and program error by running the software in all the possible ways. Software testing is done in the core activities stage. It is the process of finding software bugs and other defects. Software testing prepares to take the software product to the next step software debugging.

Software testing process can be done in different ways. It is very important for producing quality software. There are many software testing processes and techniques a programmer may use for testing such as dynamic testing, static testing is mainly two types of software testing. Moreover it also can be:

  • Testing by units called unit testing
  • System testing – Generally test the hardware requirements and compatibility
  • Integration testing
  • Functional testing
  • Alpha testing
  • Beta testing
  • Performance testing
  • Assessibility testing
  • Security testing
  • A/B testing etc.

Software Testing Process

The method of software testing varies company by company. But most of the companies follow the basic methodologies of software testing.

The first this of testing is the requirements of the customer has met fully or not. Then running the testing experiment by using different testing tools. After running the test experiment it is time for executing the testing result. And detecting the defects and bugs then collecting them into retesting place for further test process. Now it is time to analyze the test result and finding ways to solve the bugs. Technical programming skills is very important for analyzing the test report and taking action depending on test results. Finally solving the bugs, defects.