Software Development

Definition – What is Software Development

Software Development is the process of planning, designing and building computer program using different computer programming languages and other development concepts. Basically, a computer programmer is responsible for developing the software. They have to aware of a series of concept and technique for developing software. Core activities, paradigm & model, framework & methodologies, supporting disciplines, practise of different models, use of different tools are essential knowledge in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

The core activities in Software Development involves a series of process and technique. In general, a computer programmer follows a series of technique to develop a fully featured software program, they can be, planning, collecting the software requirement as planned, designing the software UI, Engineering and construction of the program for functioning, implementing (coding), testing, debugging, deployment and finally maintaining the program.

Software Development Cycle

To be a computer programmer or software developer, one must have to earn at least the bachelor degree in the computer science field. The more steps can be:

  • Writing source code on different programming language
  • Understanding the algorithm and data structure.
  • Practicing more and more building software
  • Finding internship to archive expriences

A software developer may use One or more programming language such as C programming, Scala Programming, .NET programming, Perl Programming Julia Programming, etc. A software developer also concerned about different tools like IDE (Integrated Development Environment), compiler, interpreter, debugger, etc.