Setting up Environment for C Programming

Before starting with C programming first, we need a Code writing, running, compiling and executing environment. As we already know that C is a compiled language. That’s why it must need a compiler to be compiled the human-readable code to byte code or Object code.

So, first of all, we need a text editor for writing the human-readable source code. Then we need a compatible compiler to convert the source file to machine-readable byte code or object code. We can use two kinds of platforms for writing and executing the program for learning purpose. They are:

  • Online Editing Environment
  • Local Editing Environment

Online Editing Environment

Online program editing and executing tools are very handy for learning purpose. You can simply find out online code compilation site for C. The writing the code into the website and executing them into your web browser directly.

We will learn more about online C compiler and see example in the next tutorial.

Local Editing Environment

Editing and compiling program code is the best way of executing the output. Because it is your personalized editing, compiling and executing environment. And because of the local environment, it will be very fast to compile and execute without any latency. You can modify the configuration as your own rather than online tools. But in this case, you have to manually install and configure the editor and compiler on your machine.

We will setup the C editing and running environment of C programming in the next tutorial onwards.

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