What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Important fact

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Definition

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  is the Process of Promotion (Specially Paid Promotion) of a Website on the Major Search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Formally, You will pay for showing your ads link or website link on the SERP and get impressions and click by the searchers based on keywords. And by this way, you can grow your online business increasingly along with the millions of competitors.

It is very important for ranking higher on the Search Engine Result page (SERP) for a website. Especially when a Website starts its journey, The webmasters should focus on the searching visibility on the SERP in order to grow popularity and increase the sells. In this case, the term SEM comes to mind to get this job done. Search Engine Marketing is a very popular choice and approaches for promoting websites and it is occurring every day by millions of marketers and webmasters.

General Overview of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Since the World Wide Web (Internet)  was developed a huge number of websites launched before 2000. It was hard to find a specific information form the huge information. And obviously, it was completely impossible to find information of an unknown website  When the search engine appeared to help people to find a specific information or product or services in a second.

Then the search engine developed a business model that is now basically known as Seach Engine Marketing.  Search Engines like google search, Yahoo and Bing search, Yandex search offers many types of ads model to the advertiser to grow their business by showing frequently the ads on the SERP. 

Formal Example of SEM

Suppose you searched a query on the google.com search engine. You will get back the most relevant result from the best-matched website that containing your searched related information. Based on your searched keywords an advertiser may bid on that keyword to show the advertiser content at the top of the Result page. How many times will show up the content it depends on the advertisers budget and some others kind of fact that used in SEM like CPC (cost per click).

Let’s do a test. Go to google.com and search for Car Rental  You will get the result like below.
Search Engine Marketing 01 - PrograCoding

Look at the image, Just I have searched for Car Rental, on the search result page you will show some ads content. It is actually search engine marketing for an advertiser.