Runtime Error

Definition – What is Runtime Error

In computer Science Runtime refers to a running software program. The runtime also called execution time. And runtime error is a kind of Computer program error basically occurs during a software is running. Until you run a program, the runtime error cannot be detected. The runtime error is one of the major program error types out of Syntax error and logical error.

A computer programmer or software developer fixes the program error including runtime error it is also called bug fixing. Based on the error code programmer determine where the problem has occurred. After finding out the exact location of source code they fix that. But runtime error also can be occurred at user-side like the leak of memory, damaged hardware etc.

Examples of Runtime Error

Runtime error can be occurred by many reasons while a program is executing on a system. Some of them are:

  • Memory Leak: Some program uses infinite lopping and other autonomous operation, for that low memory powered devices cannot handle the exceed operation then the runtime errors simply occurs.
  • Dividing by zero: This type of runtime error occurred for software source code bugs. When programmers divide something by zero in the source code, then the device can not handle the undefined operation and simple runtime error occurs
  • Mixing Data Types: Keeping specific data into other data types can mess up the code, and sometimes compiler compile the code without any error. But in executing time the runtime error appears.
  • Poor Programming: Novice programmer cannot implement the code properly and proper way. It is also a cause of runtime error.
  • Damaged Hardware: Hardware that does not function perfectly it can not handle all the programming operation well and the runtime error occurs.
  • Harmful Software: If any malware software installed on a computer then the malicious code can prevent to run another program.