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The online advertisement is also known as Web advertising or Internet advertising, many people call as online marketing. Basically, the reason for online advertising is to deliver the promotional message and brand awareness to the target customers around the world with efficient, affordable cost and flexibility. Thousands of company, educational institute, medical & health and different kind of industry advertise online to promote their brand around the globe. Review the best Online Advertising Platform given below.

To get this job done differents software and IT company has built the advertising platform to help the Advertiser and Publisher like Google AdWords. Nowadays, many ads network has been developed around the world. In this article, we will review at a glance of almost all reputed ad networks from all over the world.

From the early stage of online advertisement, many ads delivery methods have been created. The most conventional delivery methods include search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising embedded into web content etc. Like all others advertisement network, online advertisement network involves both advertiser and publishers. Television advertisement directly sells ads so they are their own agencies. But Online advertisement has a third party agency between advertiser and publisher who help to place the ad copy and track the ads statics like Google AdWords. To know more read, What is the online advertisement/The history of online advertisement.

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Ad Networks Workflow Diagram (Wikipedia)

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From the early of internet advertising, many ads delivery methods have been created. They are basically divided into categories and sub-categories. In this section, we will try to cover the main conventional ad delivery methods and implementations.

  1. Display Advertising – In this category of internet advertising display the promotional message for brand awareness or sales promotion of the advertiser’s company by text hyperlinks, logo, image, rich media like animation, flash properties, graphics or video to the targeted customers mobile or computers in a service that may be content of learning, online newspaper or others kind of apps and online connected software. Learn more about display advertising or Types of display advertisement
  2. Interstitial Ads – It is such kinds of annoying traditional advertisement system. It can be included in Interruption marketing or outbound marketing. If a user request for a specific content on the web, before showing the content the interstitial ad shows and the user have to wait for few second then the skip button appears.
  3.  Search Engine Marketing(SEM) – This kind of advertisement may bring you the better result for your brand awareness on the web. When a web user searches for a specific keyword on the major search engines like google, yahoo or bing, on the search engine result page (SRPS) the topic will display include organic (non sponsored) and advertisers content at the top of SERP’s based on the related keyword entered by the searchers.
  4. Social Media Marketing (SEM) – from the early days of the internet there are many social media platform has been built and gained popularity on the web such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. For the popularity of these social platform people and industries promote and increase their sales through social media (both paid or sponsored or organic) through their social media profile.
  5. Mobile Advertising – Mobile advertisement is growing rapidly in recent year for several reasons. Because of the popularity of smartphone around the world. The users of smartphone even feature phone and tablet computer growing rapidly for that the more web visitor or online games player is converting to the customer through the mobile advertising platform. Learn more about mobile advertisementMobile advertising implement kinds of method of advertisement including SMS (Short Message Services), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services), Ads in mobile applications and Games ( including pop-ups/under, display etc)
  6. Adware – The terms Adware used in the online advertisement as a traditional method and convention. Basically, when once a software installed on a computer the ads start showing automatically in the software interface and even on the computer screen when the application running background.
    When an application installed automatically on a specific user’s computer and showing the ads this is called a kind of Malware.
  7. Email Advertising – Email advertisement is the first advertisement method on the web. Basically, the Email marketer sends direct mail to the recipient with a promotional link in a text called hyperlink or maybe banner, logo or any kind of rich media for promoting a brand among the email users.
    Sometimes an email list can be exchanged with others company with dollars. So an email user may receive unwanted mail from a company. So most of the time an email must include an Unsubscribe link for unsubscribing the newsletter.
    If an email does not provide the unsubscribe link then the mail categorized as spam by the major mail provider like google mail.
  8. Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is a very interesting advertisement method for a company to increase the sales of a product geometrically. Most of the time there are no third party agencies in affiliate marketing for managing and tracking the ads and statics. Affiliate marketer simply signs up to the production company like Amazon and publishers insert the affiliate into the publisher’s website’s article or content. When a single sale made by a referred link of a publisher, he makes a commission for every single sale.
  9. Content Marketing – The terms Content Marketing is used in Internet advertising as a conventional way of promoting a company or a specific product by publishing media on the social media or blog or newspaper or e-book etc. Many companies provide a user manual and how to guides on the product and publish it on the different platform on the web including their official website or blog or social media. It is considered as Content Marketing.
    Many blog or website use the direct sponsored stories into the webmaster’s blog for promoting a specific product or spared a company for brand awareness.
  10. Text Advertisement –

Reputed Ads Network Agencies (Review)  Back to top

Ads network agencies are the third party agencies that manage the advertiser’s ads and statics and provide a ads code (Generally javascript or HTML code) to add the publisher’s website widget in order to display the ads among the targeted internet users. In this section, we will show the most used advertising agencies company and types.

Compare features and advantage among the Ads agencies given below and choose a perfect for your website and maximize your revenue.

Top display Ads Network Agencies  Back to top

Network Rating Min. Traffic Ads Type Network Size
Google Adsense
(Read Review)
 5 out of 5  None  CPC, CPM  2 Million Publisher
(Read review)
 4.5 out of 5  None  CPC  Undefined
(Read review)
   None  CPA, CPC, CPM  5.6 thousand Publishers
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  5,000 impres./month – pop-unders, 50,000 impres./month-banner displays  CPC, CPA, CPM  10K Website and Mobile App Publisher
(Read review)
 4.5 out of 5  None  Fixed Price, CPM  200K up Publishers
(Read review)
 4.5 out of 5  None  CPA, CPC, CPM  est. Two billion unique visitor a day
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  None  CPM  
(Read review)
 4 out of 5

 50,000 impressions per month

(Read review)
 3.5 out of 5  500,000 monthly impressions  CPM, CPC, CPA  
(Read review)
 4.5 out of 5  None  CPM, CPC, CPI  5K+ Publishers
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  None  CPM, CPC  Undefined
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  None  Undefined  up to18 billion monthly impressions
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  None  Undefined  up to 100K publishers
(Read review)
 3.5 out of 5  3,000 monthly impressions  CPC, CPM  Undefined
(Read review)
 3 out of 5  None  CPM, CPA, CPC  Undefined
(Read review)
 3 out of 5  500,000 monthly impressions  CPC, CPM  Undefined
(Read review)
 3.5 out of 5  500 Minimum  CPM, CPC  350M ads impres. per day
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  15 Billion impressions monthly  CPA, CPM, POP  2.5K active publishers
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  100,000 impressions per month  CPA, CPC, CPM  
TheMedia Buyers
(Read review)
 4 out of 5  None  CPI, CPL, CPS, CPA est. 9.8 pop per day

Top Affiliate Network Agencies  Back to top

Network’s Ratings Min. Traffic Ads Type Network Size
 Amazon Associates
(Read Review)
4.5 out of 5  None CPA  1.8 million seller
 Lead Networks
(Read Review)
None  PPL  Undefined
 Commission Junction
(Read Review)
    4 out of 5 None CPA  Up to 3k advertiser
(Read Review)
None  CPA and CPL  10K advertiser
(Read Review)
None CPA  up to 750 offers
(Read Review)
None  CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI  Undefined
(Read Review)
None CPA, CPL  1K+ offers
(Read Review)
 3.5 out of 5 None  CPC and CPA up to 250 advertiser
 Rakutan LinkShare
(Read Review)
 3 out of 5 None CPA  1.5K+ advertiser

Top URL Shortener Networks Agencies  Back to top

Network Rating Payment Gateway Offer Type Min. payouts
(Read Review)
(Read Review)
(Read Review)
(Read Review)
(Read Review)
(Read Review)
(Read Review)
(Read Review)
(Read Review)

*To explore more URL shortener Ads Network click here

Top Sponsored Content Ads Network Back to top

Network Ratings Min. Traffic Ads Type Network Size
(Read Review)
4/5 3K unique visitor/day TE, CPC Undefined
(Read Review)
3.5/5 500K PV/month CPC 12K VIP Publisher
(Read Review)
3.5/5 10 million PV/month CPC 100K + Website
(Read Review)
4/5 No need CP M, CPC 150K Publishers
(Read Review)
4/5 50K Visitor/month CPM, CPC 250 billion content imp.

Top pop-under Ads Network  Back to top


Network Rating Min. Traffic Ads Type Network Size
(Read Review)
4.5/5 Not needed pop-under  20K publisher
(Read Review)
4/5 not needed 8pop-underpop impres.  
(Read Review)
4/5 Not needed pop under Unknown

Top Video Ads Network  Back to top

Network Rating Min. Traffic Ads type Network Size
(Read Review)
5/5 4000 hours watch time CPC, CPM 2 million publisher
(Read Review)
4/5 Undefined CPC Undefined
Google DFP
(Read Review)
4/5 Undefined CPC Undefined

Ads Revenue Sharing Model Back to top

Since the Online Advertising terms discovered many revenue-sharing models have been created by major online advertising agencies and researchers. We will shortly explain here to the most common models that used in almost all Ads Network Platform.

Pricing model in Display Advertising

  1. CPM (cost per mile) – In the online Advertising field cost per mile basically abbreviated to CPM. When a publisher shows a promotional message to their site visitor for 1000 times. The advertiser pays for this every single 1000 view with a niche based rate. The CPM rate might be 0.4 cents to up to 10$ based on the product and brand.
    As a publisher in order to maximize your revenue, you should focus on high CPM rate. To get this job done your next step can be Keyword research. Learn how to keyword research to maximize your revenue.
  2. CPC (cost per click) – cost per click this advertising pricing price often abbreviated to CPC. This model works with the click on the promotional link or banner. CPC revenue sharing and market share are growing rapidly each year. So if an advertiser chooses the CPC model to promote a brand it will be better. But not all click become valuable to the advertiser. It is a negative side for Advertiser.
  3. CPV (cost per view) – cost per view(CPV) are very similar to cost per mile(CPM). But unlike CPM, CPV does not work with 1K impressions. When a video ad shows before a user requested video play. An advertiser pay to the publisher for every single view (not click).  Video sharing site like Youtube work with CPV model
  4. Fixed cost – A publisher may sell an ad slot (A certain space of a webpage) for a period of time directly to an advertiser with a fixed price. Most of the time there doesn’t have a third party agency in this advertisement pricing method. But publisher may choose a third party agency like BuySellAds

Pricing model in affiliate marketing

  1. CPI (cost per install) – cost per install pricing model rapidly used in Mobile advertising but sometimes used in computer advertising. When an application is installed through a publisher, the advertiser pays a fixed rate depending on the bid.
  2. CPE (cost per engagement) – Many company offer services (not physical product) and just CPE advertisement model works in this criteria. When a visitor shows ads and interacts with the ads only then the publisher gets paid.
  3. PPS (pay per sell) – Almost affiliate networks offer pay per sell (PPC) advertising model like Amazon, eBay. When a product is purchased by someone else through a publisher the publisher gets a commission depending on the product price by the seller.

Tips & Tricks Back to top

Online Advertising is the main branch of Digital Advertising. If you want to a publisher of digital marketing you should know the very basic knowledge of digital marketing in order to maximize your revenue. For the best practice of Online Advertising and marketing read the marketing basic first. And then research yourself the best advertising platform for the publisher.

Have you read this article carefully? If not, I will recommend reading again this article. Because it can be the best starting point for learning and practicing of best online advertising strategy to be successful. You should also read the articles that are linked to this article as the hyperlink.

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In order to earn from online as a publisher, you must have your own website to be successful. Although you can monetize as a publisher from popular social media such as Facebook or Twitter but to be smart marketer you should have your own website.

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