Post-production Workflow for Film or Video Project

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Producing Movie, Short film or any kinds of project you will work on simply have 3 phase of production. They are simply:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • and Post-production

After planning about your movie or your video project simply you have a plan for your project. Planning and managing everything for your project to get the job done is the Pre-production phase of a Video making project. There are many more steps you need to take before producing a film/movie in the pre-production phase. I’m not getting in details about Pre-production.

The second step of producing a movie is the production phase. The production phase is all about shooting raw footage on the shooting set. Preparing your actors, managing all the staffs, lighting all of this goes to the production phase. After the production phase finally now the times come for post-production.

Yes, the last and final phase of a video project in post-production. Post-production responsible for a number of tasks and steps to get a final movie from your raw and slice clips you have captured in the production phase for your movie/short-film or whatever about your video project.

Post-production overview

Post-production is actually all about editing the raw footage and combine the thousands of small clips into a full running movie and also audio soundtrack building for the video. Post-production is very important to be the success in a video project. 

Premiere Pro Post-production Workflow
Premiere Pro Post-production Workflow

To get this job done smoothly, we will need a non-linear environment. It is only possible with a modern and non-linear video editing system. Nowadays, there are many professional tools/non-linear video editing software is available on a different platform such as windows and MacOS. You can choose your desired platform and also choose a professional video editing software for your post-production.

There are several options you can select from the marketplace for your non-linear environment. Such as:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Apple Final cut Pro etc.

One thing you have to take in your consideration. Make sure your computer is well configured with more CPU power, more RAM and powerful graphics card installed to work smoothly.

In post-production, there are numbers of task/process you have to complete in order to get a finalized and refined video. They can be:

  • Media/Raw footage preparation: Prepare all the raw footage that you have shot in the production phase. Media like music loop, background sound, still images and everything you need to make up your project.
  • Editing: After preparing your video raw footage and all the media you need. The next step is editing the video using a non-linear video editing environment like using Adobe Premiere Pro, Final cut or Avid Media Composer or whatever you use. Editing means you will combine those video to give a continuous running pattern video.
  • Color Correction: Enhancing color is very important to polish your final video. All the major and commercial video editing software has a robust color correction tools. By using that robust tools you can fix, refine and polish your video for even better looking and natural. You can also use third-party color correction tools.
  • Sound Design: Sound design is also very important for giving a better listening experience besides better visualization. Every professional/commercial video editing software has built-in audio editing tools. You can use that to build up your audio soundtrack. If you want to get more flexibility to work with your audio file then you can use third-party audio making tools like Pro-tools, FL-studio, Ableton live, Logic-pro etc.
  • Graphics Creation: Finally, to title up and other visualizations create some graphics using still image or motion graphics for your project. You can use any graphics creation tools like Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya etc to get this job done.

After finishing your post-production now it is time to share your video with the World. Cheers 🙂

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