Possible Data Transmission Modes in Computer Networking

Data Transmission Modes

In computer networking, Data transmission modes allow to send and receive data with some specific direction. The direction depends on the devices, hub, transmission media and some other factors. Different kinds of hardware and software are developed for different purposes. There are mainly three kinds of data transmission modes you will find. They are:-

  • Simplex Mode
  • Half Duplex Mode
  • Full Duplex Mode

Each transmission mode is used for different types of computer networking. See Figure 1.4 to visualize the types of Data transmission modes.

Data Transmission Modes in Computer Networking
Figure 1.4 (Data Transmission Modes)

Simplex Transmission Mode

When a device sends data to another device and the reverse can’t be done means in the same way the second device can’t send data to the first device is called unidirectional data transmission mode. And this type of transmission is actually Simplex mode. These type of computer networks are developed for a specific reason and specific needs.

For example, When a Television channel broadcast a program, the program only sends as output to the users or audiences television sets. Any audience can’t send data to the broadcasting office. It is one kind of Simplex data transmission mode used in television. Here, the broadcaster works as Sender and the audiences are the receiver.

Simplex Data Transmission Mode

Half Duplex Transmission Mode

When two stations are connected with internetworking, and the two stations can send and receive data but not in the real time it is called Half Duplex data transmission mode.

Here what does mean by Real time? Real-time means the two stations can’t send and receive data at the same time. If the 1st station sends data then the 2nd station only can receive the sent data, It can’t send data to the 1st station then. In the same way, If the 2nd station sends data to the 1st station, the 1st station only can receive the sent data.

Half Duplex Data Transmission Mode

Full Duplex Transmission Mode

Full duplex is the real-time data transferring system. In this transmission method, two or multiple devices connected to the internetwork can send data across the devices simultaneously. It this modern era, Full duplex system are helping the peoples to communicate in real times.

Full Duplex Data Transmission Mode

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