PHP MySQL Tutorial

If you are looking for developing a database-driven with high-end functionality website, then choosing PHP as your server-side language and along with MySQL as a database system is a great choice and decision. In this PHP MySQL Tutorial, you will learn, How to interact with the MySQL database throughout the PHP script.

Mainstream websites like Facebook, Google uses PHP and MySQL in their server to run many of their services. So you can use these tools to build any kind of project. It does not matter, how your projects are big or small.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for “Personal Home Page”.  Initially, it was created as a very simple scripting language. After adding a lot of features and functionality, now PHP is consists of a server-side, object-oriented, statically typed scripting language. Nowadays PHP is used by millions of developers to develop high-end and cross-platform web services and websites.

By the way, PHP is directly embedded into HTML pages, which makes this language very beautiful and the web development processes made easier. PHP is also an open-source project, and you can use or modify it as you need for your project. PHP is now the competitor of ASP.NET.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) based on Structured Query Language (SQL). That means MySQL is based on the SQL commands for managing the database. MySQL is a very popular database management system and frequently used along with the PHP scripting language to build dynamic and database-driven web services.

MySQL is also an open-source project that you can freely use and redistribute. MySQL is a cross-platform RBDMS that can be run on the most popular operating system and web-servers. Although it is mostly used along with the PHP scripting language, But it supports many other programming languages and frameworks.

Why PHP + MySQL?

For supporting MySQL database with PHP, PHP has some built-in powerful modules for interacting with the database from the PHP script. The most popular module is the PHP MySQLi or PHP MySQL Improved extension that made it easier to interact with the Databases.

So using PHP and MySQL, you can easily build your website and web-services very easily compared to other technologies like ASP.NET. In this tutorial, we will mainly learn how to interact with the MySQL database from the PHP script and the way of building database-driven dynamic web services.


To start this tutorial, you have to know some PHP. If you have minimal knowledge of PHP then you can continue with this tutorial. Otherwise, you can check our PHP Tutorial series first.

As of MySQL database based on SQL technology. You should know the SQL commands and functions to operate the database that we will use in this tutorial. We have a great collection of SQL command and Tutorial here before starting this tutorial.

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