PHP Loops

In computer programming, Loops are used to iterate or repeat tasks. In the following chapters, we will learn how to operate PHP Loops.

Loops in PHP

As PHP is a web-oriented scripting language, developers use loops a lot for building the iterative tasks. And loops are used when a bunch of code runs over time for a certain number of times, then instead of writing the same code again and again, developers use loops. And obviously, loops are a very useful and important feature of every programming and scripting language.

In PHP, you can iterate tasks in several ways. Because PHP allows you to write loops in four different ways. Each method is used as programming needs.

You this following method, you can code Loops in PHP;

  • PHP For Loops – repeats tasks for a specified range of numbers.
  • PHP Foreach Loops – repeats tasks for each element in an array.
  • PHP While Loops – repeats until a condition is true.
  • PHP Do...While Loops – Before checking the condition, it repeats once then continues until the condition is true.

Real-World Examples of PHP Loops

Suppose you want to build a blogging application using PHP where you will show 20 posts on every archive page. Here you can use the concept of loops for showing posts 1 to 20.

Navigate to the next subsequent chapters to learn Loopings in PHP with examples.

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