PHP Tutorial

What is PHP?

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is a widely used server-side scripting language used by millions of web developers. It is specially designed for web development purposes. Such as web application development, web CMS creation, e-commerce site development, etc.  PHP can interact with the most popular database in the world, such as MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, Postgres, Access and many more.

PHP Beginner Tutorial

You can do anything with PHP related to the server-side of a web application. Millions of small and big websites used PHP scripting language as their backend development. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo used PHP as their backend development.

In this series of tutorials, we will learn all the basic PHP elements such as strings, comment, loop, function, array, classes, objects, etc. This tutorial specially designed for the beginner of PHP.

Why Should Learn PHP

First of all, PHP is a very popular scripting language. PHP especially designed and developed for web development. So you can do almost everything related to a website and web server. PHP can create flexible features with less code for a web application. That cannot be done with any other programming language or scripting language easily. PHP can work with network protocol directly. Features like form handling, form validation, web database support, file uploading, collecting data, receive cookies, adding or deleting data from the server, etc. help us to create a web service/application easily. So if you want to build an attractive web service then you should have a strong knowledge of PHP scripting language.

Moreover, PHP supports a wide range of Operating systems means PHP is cross-platform. You can execute PHP code by a supported server from many operating systems. Widely supported operating system: Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, etc.

You Should Already Know

In order to learn PHP efficiently and to understand deeply you should have basic knowledge of some web technologies inclosed below:

  • You must have prior knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – A markup language for constructing web pages.
  • You should have a basic understanding of Javascript – An amazing scripting/programming language used in both client-side and server-side as well.
  • You should have a basic understanding of CSS (cascading stylesheet) – A stylesheet language for designing HTML based web pages.

Why PHP is amazing

PHP has some builtin awesome feature for developing web applications. That’s why PHP is an amazing scripting language.

  • The world’s most visited social networking company Facebook use PHP as their main backend code.
  • The most powerful CMS (Content Management System) WordPress and all its Plugin/Extension also fully developed with PHP.
  • PHP supports almost all operating systems like Windows, macOS, Unix, Linux, etc.
  • It can receive data from a supported database and also can modify those data.
  • It can handle browser data such as cookies, sessions, etc.
  • It is a very Secure scripting language. That encrypt data and keep this away from hackers.
  • PHP can be embedded directly in an HTML document.
  • It is not limited to HTML. It also can be used for image processing, PDF file processing even Flash movie processing. isn’t it cool?
  • PHP is free and open-source. You can download the zippy package of PHP from the official site: (Download from here)

What is next?

In the next tutorial, we will learn how to set up a PHP development environment for testing and developing PHP web applications.

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