Permanently Delete your Linkedin Account

Steps to Delete your Linkedin Account Permanently

About Linkedin

Linkedin is a business employment service founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman. This services operated by websites and mobile apps. The main use of Linkedin is Professional networking including Job posting, professionals relationships, professionals portfolio and also social networking. According to Alexa Internet ranking Linkedin is the 20th most popular website in the world as of October 2016.

Linkedin At a Glance

  • Linkedin is a Social Networking services for professionals to be connected to the world
  • This service was launched in 2003
  • It is available in 24 language
  • Headquarters resides in Sunnyvale, CaliforniaU.S.
  • Employer count est. 9800 at 2017
  • Registration is required to use this service
  • Revenue US $3 Billion as 2015
  • Linkedin makes revenue by selling customer profile data to other companies.
  • It also makes money via advertising google AdSense.
  • SlideShare and is the two subsidiaries of Linkedin
  • Linkedin is acquired by Microsoft in December 2016 at $26.2 billion US dollars.

Linkedin Account Deletion Process

1. First of all, go to Linkedin website and sign in your existing account you want to delete completely.

2.After Sign in, click to your Linkedin profile incon located at the top of your Linkedin homepage with your profile picture. Then click on the Settings & Privacy link from the drop-down menu under account section.

Delete Linkedin Account 01 - PrograCoding

3. Then, Click on the account management tab located at the bottom side from the left vertical menu. At this section you will find a option Closing your Linkedin Account at the bottom. Click on it to delete your account


Linkedin Account Delete 02 - PrograCoding

4. Then, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked Why you are leaving LinkedIn. In this section, specify you reason for leaving LinkedIn and the click on the next button to go.


Linkedin Account Deletion 03 - PrograCoding

5. The next page will ask you for your LinkedIn password for security purpose. That ensure your account are not closing by someone else when your account is logged in your computer. Ok, then just click on the gree Close Account button. Your Account will be delete permanently from the LinkedIn account.

Note: If you close or delete account in this process, your account can not be undelete in the future. Because once you delete your account, the whole data from your account will be deleted permanently from the Linkedin Database. So, before deleting your account be concern.

Are you a fan of visualization? Here is a video on How to delete your LinkedIn account permanently

Video Instruction