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PeerFly Affiliates for Publisher

PeerFly is an award-winning Affiliate Ads networks for publishers around the worlds. It is actually cost per action based affiliate ads networks that accept almost all kinds of traffic and available all over the world. Publisher from all countries in the world can sign up and start making money with their websites. PeerFly was launched in 2009 by  Chad French. Currently, he is CEO and Vice President of the company. PeerFly is actually a small company lead by a small team of 15. PeerFLy ads review will show you the most aspect of PeerFly networks.

PeerFly is a small independent ads network maintained by a small team of 15. They ensure the publishers maximum payouts and they keep the minimum commission. So it is very good news for publishers to maximize their site revenue with PeerFly affiliate ads networks.

PeerFly will pay you every net 30 or 15 days or even weekly payment. You can choose your own payment frequency option from your PeerFly Dashboard. The selected option only will work when your PeerFly balance reaches the threshold.

PeerFly offers a variety of payment method to the publisher’s affiliate such as  PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card (US Only), Payoneer, Postal Check (US Only), ACH (US Only), or Bank Wire.

PeerFly ads review glossary

  1. PeerFly has currently 250K publisher account and 75K active publisher in more than 165 countries.
  2. Over 2K premium happy client or Advertiser and counting, they offer up to 20K offers for the affiliates.
  3. According to the PeerFly real-time stats they have counted over 1 billion clicks and 8 million conversions.
  4. PeerFly generated over $100 million in sales for their clients!
  5. It has ranked #1 Affiliate Network (by mThink, 2015)

PeerFly at a glance

Topics Description
Type of ad network CPL, CPA, CPS, CPI and Affiliate Network
Payment Methods Bitcoin, Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, Postal Check (US Only), ACH (US Only)
 Payment Frequency  Net 30, Net 15 or Weekly (Select from your dashboard)
 Payment Proof  See Payment Proof in lightbox
 Ad Formats  Affiliate links, Banners and promotional material
 Contacts  Use this contact form to reach them
 Off. Website

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