Objective C Tutorial

What is Objective C?

Objective C or Objective-C is a high-level general purpose programming language based on another language Smalltalk and developed on the top of C programming language. Although Objective C is a general-purpose programming language, it is primarily used to develop MacOS system programming, application programming along with iOS. In this Objective C tutorial series, we will learn objective c concepts, implementation, applications from very basic to advanced

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Initially, Objective C was developed by NeXT for developing the operating system NeXTSTEP. Objective C is a language that is a combination of Smalltalk and C programming language. This language was designed by Brad Cox in 1980 and licensed in 1988.

In 1996 Apple computer acquired NeXTSTEP and embedded the written library for NeXTSTEP OS into the core MacOS X. There is another language is used beside objective C is Swift programming language. If you want to learn swift programming, then check out our Swift documentation here.

Objective C Tutorial

This Objective C Tutorial training series has been designed for the absolute beginners and self-learners who want to learn Objective C from the sketch. This series discusses from very basic concepts to advanced and suitable for novice learners.

But this also can be useful for advanced learners to clear the concept. If you are an advanced learner you can learn from Objective C advanced section.

Having prior knowledge of C programming language can help you to figure out objective C. It will make you a lot of sense. If you don’t know C already then you should check out our C programming documentation here. But it is not mandatory.

Objective C Features

Like other conventional, objective oriented and high-level programming language objective C has almost all the common features like variables, classes, protocol, etc. Check out some attractive features of objective C below:

  • Object-oriented support including Encapsulation, Data Hiding, Inheritance, etc.
  • Supports dynamic typing along with optional static typing.
  • Classes can be treated as an object that is a really great feature.
  • Dynamic run time features
  • Built-in Automatic garbage collection tool and more…

What is next?

From the next tutorial, we will dive into learning objective C programming. If you are an absolute beginner at Objective C then start learning and let’s rock!

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