Definition – What is Networking

When a branch of Computer is interconnected through a reliable medium such as Wired, Radio, LAN, PAN, WAN, etc then the entire system is called networking. Computer Networking uses a range of Software, hardware and devices to establish the connection among the end users.

There are many technical concepts, for example, hardware, protocol, software, and firmware are involved for creating a networking zone across the devices. In general, networking is used to exchange data and information with individuals or among the group for any kinds of purposes like social, business or entertainment purposes.

Networking: Explanation

The real world is entirely connected with computer networking using WAN networking technology. There are also have some other kinds of Networking technology for building different kinds of networking zone and establishing different kinds of network connection.

To design, implement, manufacture and manage a networking session lots of concepts and computing skill is essential for the developers and engineers. Basically, programs like IT, Computer science, Electrical engineering field offers detailed networking study offers by many educational institutions.

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