Definition of – Nagware

The term Nagware (also called begware, annoyware or a nag screen. ) is used in software programs or websites that issues a pop-up window or pop-up interface. The pop-up window can contain some kinds of content such as asking you to purchases a product, subscribing email newsletter (Most used in blog and news websites), register an online product, taking surveys, license expired notice in a software program etc.

Nagware pop up alert

Nagware help to call the user concentration on a specific content of a software program. For example, when a license of a program is expired. The program automatically continuously shows a pops up to remind the information and ask for renewing the service either periodically or at the start time or exit time of the application. Most of the time in blog or news websites, you will see the uses of the nagware feature in the email newsletter. Webmasters use it for extending the email listing.

Programmers design the nagscreen in different ways. Sometimes a nagscreen shows repeatedly until a due amount of a service is paid. This term actually is a part of shareware under proprietary software section in the software industry terminology. This feature is widely used.

Almost every software programming including Desktop software or mobile application even websites use nagware for focusing the service users.

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