Matlab Tutorial

What is Matlab?

Matlab formally known as MATrix LABoratory is a high-level programming language. It is a fourth-generation high-level programming language. This language specially designed for matrix manipulation and matrix computation. In this Matlab Tutorial series, will describe how MATLAB handles simple numerical expressions and mathematical formulas. We will also learn how to implement Matlab in real-world applications.

matlab tutorial progracoding

Matlab is a high-performance language for technical computation. It can perform in both virtualization and programming environment.

Therefore it is an object-oriented language and has sophisticated data structure and support for built-in rich debugging tools. All these factors made Matlab an excellent language. Today Matlab is used widely as an excellent tool for many projects, research, and teaching.

Matlab Tutorial

This Matlab tutorial has been designed for beginners. I am assuming that you have a basic knowledge of computer programming concepts. For example, Variable, data types, constants, etc. In this Matlab training series, we will discuss all the possible aspects of Matlab programming from very basic to advanced.

Learning Matlab has many advantages compared to other conventional languages as like C, Fortran for solving complex, mathematical and technical problems. Matlab is commercially available since 1984, now most of the universities in the world using MATLAB as a standard tool in specific sections like numerical computation.

What is next?

In the rest of this training series, we will try to cover every single topic and feature of Matlab programming language. Matlab has many rich features for calculating, computing and solving complex problems. Let’s drive into learning Matlab.

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