How to make Single name on Facebook Account

Why Single name

Facebook is the largest Social media in the World. Nowadays almost Every Peoples and Folk are using a Facebook account in order to stay connected to their friends and circles. And it is becoming popular every day more than the previous day. Actually, Facebook is such a platform for the teen boys and girls to surprise other teen boys and girls for any reason and for anyway. We know Facebook Don’t allow a single name Account for Representing an Account ID. It basically contains First name and Surname. But additionally, you can add a nickname that can be shown at the top of your profile.

But actually, you can not remove or hide the First name and Last name of a surname. And it is very common. But Teens look for somethings difference. And Single Facebook name account maybe a Difference that a teen can represent himself on Social media with a different Attitude or Interpretation. Now we will see How to make a single name Facebook account.

1st Step

First of all, Login to your Facebook account via using Smartphone or PC (Sometimes PC doesn’t support) by “” or “”. Then go to Settings & Privacy, Click on Languages then from Language lists select Bahasa Indonesia. 

How to make facebook single name

Now It is time to go to the Second Step, After Changing your Language Bahasa Indonesia then go to your web browser (Recommended: Chrome, Built-in Browser) and then type “” Then Type, “” in the box. you will be logged in into your account. Now Scroll down and select Pengaturan & Privasi.

How to make facebook single name

Then after clicking on Pengaturan & Privasi you will go to a page, from this page Select “Umum>Nama”

Now In the Name changing Box, Enter your single name in the First name box and leave blank to last name or surname box. Then Save this Now you have successfully changed the name with a Single name.

After this, Simply Change the language that you want. Enjoy with your Single facebook name.