How to make a Professional Music Video Step by Step

Getting Started on creating Music Video:

Music is a growing field today. The overall audience and listener of music and video in the world are growing daily. If you are passionate to create your own music at your home then you have come to the right place. This guide will show you how to make a music video step by step.

First of all, you should know that these days creating a music video is very easy and simple than the older days. Because in this technology-based era many tools and machines are available by using them you can create your own video and you can also freely distribute your video on the web and you can get promoted. So don’t worry, because just a few simple steps you have to go ahead for success. Having a music video can help you to promote your brand, through video sites such as YouTube and MySpace.You can create your own Website to promote yourself. As well as by taking you on national television.

Choosing a song:

Choose a perfect song for your video. It is very important because the video you will create depends on the song how popularity will get the video. If your song pre-recorded then you can go to the next step.

Here Pre-recorded song means a recorded song from a music studio. If you don’t know how to record a song from a studio, Then read this article [How to record a song at the home like a professional]  before going to the next step.

Get a Team to manage Equipment:

First of all, you will need Actors/Performers for your video. Many people choose himself as actors. It is the actually great idea to promote himself.
Camera Man – At least one Cameraman you have to select. But if you want to shoot complicated video then you will need more camera and cameraman.
Lighting Person – Brightness inside the video is an important factor to make a quality video. So consider keeping a lighting person.
Director – To make sure everything is running smoothly and keep the responsibilities of every working steps and process you will need a director.

Plan before the shoot:

To shoot quicker, you should plan everything how the process will go on. The more you plan before taking footage, the quicker you will be able to shoot. If you rent gear for shooting, the more quickly you will shoot, it will cost you less. Make a story for your video and as well as make the character.  Before shooting Video You should:

Make a Storyboard that shows each sense and shoot.
List down the performers, Crew and Once props you will need for each shoot.
Try and brief the camera and lighting people beforehand, so they know what you want from the shot.

Start Shooting:

Be prepared and make understanding within your team before going to the shooting spot. Always allow plenty of time for shooting. Because once you get quality footage, it will be easier to make a good video for your audience. Always follow the storyboard to shoot, but remember that some of the best moment in a video can be unplanned. Means don’t skip unplanned footage if it is nice footage created by your Performer, unfortunately.

Use Stock Footage:

You can Interactively add stock footage for many purposes for your video that available on the web. But you need to be aware, Using footage without the copyright’s holder expression is illegal. That’s why you have to buy them before use. But there are many footages available freely under Creative Common Licence you can use legally and for free. You can Download Footage freely from here:

  • British Flim Institute
  • Google’s Collection of National Archives
  • European Space Agency

There are many other videos available on the web under creative commons, Just google them.

Prepare your Footage to Edit

Your footage might be great but it will only become the best video through editing. In these days, you can make a professional video by using a cheap video editing software or even free video editing software.  The basic video Editing Software for Mac is iMovie and for windows, you have many options. To Choose the right Video Editing Tools Read this [Which is the Best tools for Editing Movie for Windows and Mac].  Use a powerful computer and Hardware to edit your Video. Because Almost every video editing software needs faster Memory access. Including RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU(Central Processing Unit), And Processor. When you will record video in HD such as 4K. Your computer will need

When you will record video in HD such as 4K. Your computer will need lots of Disk space. Don’t delete after edit and post a video. Because you may need it later. While editing Video you will need plenty of Hard disk drive to store your Video. So investing in Hard Drive can be a good idea.

Final Word:

After finishing your all steps, now step to distribute your video by using conventional way and try to distribute with innovative ways that other people don’t follow. Nowadays, Distributing music video and Movie is much easier and also easy to get promoted among the world.

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