.LOG File Extension

.LOG File Extension/File Type

A LOG file is a simple and plain text file used by different Operating System and software product to track the activity and sometimes to check the error reporting of a programs/software or operating system. A LOG file has a .log file extension at the ends of every single LOG file.

In general, a log file is created automatically by the system at the root directory of the system. Some services/programs offer to be created LOG files on a customized directory of the device or system. It is a popular file type/file format used in both fields: Native desktop/mobile application development and web development as well.

Besides tracking the activity of a system a LOG file also used for Software upgrading information such as new features added, bug fixed etc are packaged with the programs.

Changelog Log file

The Image above indicates the Notepad++ upgrading information with a LOG file. You can find your log file of Notepad++ on the following directory of your computer. (Make sure the program is already installed otherwise install it first)

C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Change.log

Moreover, in the web development strategy, every web server and web services use LOG files to track the unusal activity of a website or web services. The file is automatically saved or stored on the root of the server where the service is located. For example WordPress the popular Blogging CMS runs mostly on Apache or Nginx Web server also use many kinds of log files to store individual type of log file.

For example, error_log.logstores the error reporting of the CMS.  LOG File Extension

Opening a LOG file

Almost every plain text editor and viewer you can use to open, edit and view a LOG file. To open a LOG file even you can use the most simple text editor like Microsoft Notepad to open a LOG file.