C Programming Example Programs and Exercises

There is no term in programming about beginner, intermediate or advanced level programming. If you want to learn the chemistry of code then start coding right now.

Only by understanding the most basic concept of a programming language, you can start learning the real-world code by practicing the example programs.

Learn C Programming by Examples

In this particular section, we will learn the C programming language by example programs and their solutions. The following problem list is rearranged by difficulty level in ascending order. So start practicing from the starting point of the list.

If you still want to learn the basic syntax and features of C then check out our C Tutorial here.

Basic Problems (129)
C Program to Read Integer from User and Print It
Sum of two given numbers
Find the largest number among three numbers
Read string from keyboard and display in console
Find the area and perimeter of a circle
Take Operator as Input and Perform Arithmetic
Check if a Character is Vowel or Constant
Check if Two Input Integer is Same or Not
Calculate SGPA using Structure
Take Grades and Print Objective
Read Two Integer and Find Which is Greater
Read Two Integer and Sum, Substract, Multiply and Divide
Read Two Integer and Divide Them
String Problems
Math (1398)