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There is no term in programming about beginner, intermediate or advanced level programming. If you want to learn the chemistry of code then start coding right now. Only by understanding the most basic concept of a programming language, you can start learning the real-world code by practicing the example programs.

When you will solve a bunch of basic problems those are made with the most fundamental syntax of a programming language, then suddenly you will realize that you can write more complex and more compound code by combining those basic blocks of codes. And finally, the more you practice the more your brain will learn how to solve complex problems.

Learn C Programming by Examples

In this particular section, we will learn the C programming language by example programs and their solutions. The following problem list is rearranged by difficulty level in ascending order. So start practicing from the starting point of the list. If you still want to learn the basic syntax and features of C then check out our C Tutorial here.

You can learn other popular languages by practicing example programs. See the following table and select your desired language to practice.

C (active)C#C++GOPython3
OCamlPascalPython2RubyJava 8

C Complete Example List

The following list of problems helps you to understand the C programming language from very basic to the advanced concepts and gives you the ability to write complex and compound codes using the C programming language. Let’s solve the problems.

C Basic Exercises List

  1. C program to check a number even, odd or zero.

# C Variables operations (97 problems)


# C Operator examples (45 problems)


# C Bitwise Operator examples (37 problems)


# C if-else examples (212 problems)


# C switch case examples (52 problems)


# C loop examples (332 problems)


# C number pattern examples (86 problems)


# C array examples (300 problems)


# C string examples (296 problems)


# C  pointer examples (72 problems)


# C function examples (176 problems)


# C recursion examples (42 problems)


# C linked list examples (29 problems)


# C file handling examples (182 problems)


# C date time examples (20 problems)

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