.json File Extension

JSON File Extension

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a human-readable format or syntax used for interchanging data between a web application/web browser and web server. A JSON file is just a simple text file that ends with .json file extension. A JSON file is written in a simple text structure, basically written in JavaScript Object Notation and it can be edited even using the most simple text editor.

JSON is basically derived from Javascript. But it is not a programming language or scripting or markup language. It is just a syntax for interchanging data. But it is a language-independent data format and supports many programming language API’s.

Uses of JSON File

The uses of JSON data format is very extended. It is a very popular data exchanging format that can be used for interchanging data between application/browser or internet server and client, storing data with a sequence etc. It is also used for data serialization. Many developers use JSON as the alternatives of XML.

In both fields, application development (desktop application development and mobile application development) and web application development the uses of JSON file is very extended. A JSON file can interact with javascript built-in syntax and also interact with many other API’s written in other programming languages to perform specific tasks.

For example, exchanging only text-based data, storing serialized data in hard drive, communicating between server and web browser etc. Web application such as Google+ the most popular social networking site uses JSON to save the user profile data. The desktop application such as Mozilla Firefox also uses the JSON file to save bookmarks in the users hard drive with the .json file extension. Actually, nowadays many developers are using JSON files as the alternatives to the database.