Javascript Tutorial

Introduction – What is JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level functional, general-purpose, object-oriented and interpreted programming language. Javascript also supports multi-paradigm, declarative, imperative programming style with the first-class function. Javascript appeared first in 1995 as ECMAScript later it was renamed as JavaScript.

JavaScript is the core language for the world wide web and it is used to create interactive webpages and dynamic web application.

In the web development world, JavaScript provides essential features of modern web pages. All modern websites use JavaScript.

JavaScript can be executed directly in any modern web browsers. That means you don’t need external resources or distros to run JavaScript. Because all the modern web browser built in dedicated javascript engine.

As JavaScript is the core language of the web, it supports built-in I/O, graphics, DOM, networking and many many exciting features.

JavaScript can be written in the HTML page that works as the client side. JavaScript also can be used in non-browser environments like Node.js, Adobe Acrobat, CouchDB, etc.

Why Learn Javascript

Basically, JavaScript is very popular language used by every web developer. So,

  • If you want to be a web developer or web application developer then learning JavaScript is a must.
  • JavaScript is very easy to learn because of its clear syntax and coding implementation.
  • Lots of interactive events you can occur within a web page using javascript Because JavaScript is event-driven language

Facts About Javascript

  • Javascript is a Just-in-time (JIT) compiled language.
  • Javascript is an Interpreted Language.
  • It supports first-class functions
  • Javascript is a prototype based language
  • Javascript used by every web-developer

JavaScript vs. Java

Java and javascript are completely different from each other. Although many programming features are the same (e,g: lopping, conditioning, variable declaring, etc) in both Java and JavaScript.

But they are used for different purposes. And they have also significant differences in both design and concept. Don’t mess up JavaScript with Java.


This tutorial of JavaScript has been designed for absolute beginners and self-learners. From this tutorial, you can learn Javascript from very basic to advanced. You don’t need any programming knowledge before learning JavaScript. But having basic programming knowledge will helps to figure out easily.

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You Should Already Know

It is highly recommended before learning JavaScript learn HTML and CSS first. Without having a minimum understanding of HTML and CSS you won’t able to implement JS code to develop interactive and creative pages.

HTML Tutorial CSS Tutorial

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