Java Tutorial

Introduction – What is Java

Java is a general-purpose high-level object-oriented programming language originally developed by James Gosling at sun microsystem in the early of 9195. Sun microsystem was fully acquired by Oracle including java in 2010. It is a very popular programming language used by 9 million developers and according to Oracle, more than 3 billion devices are using java environment. As it is a general-purpose language you can use for almost all kinds of applications.

In this series of Java tutorial, we will cover all the basic material of Java programming language. First of all, we will learn about java basic concept and we will also familiar with terms and features used in java programming. Let’s begin.

Why Java is Popular

Obviously Java is a very popular language and used by millions of developers. There are lots of reason for this.

  • General Purpose: Java is a general-purpose programming language. And it can be used almost everywhere. Java used to say, “Write once run everywhere“.
  • Java is Secure: Java is an end to end security features language that’s why 3 billion devices run Java.
  • Platform Independent: Java is a platform-independent language. Once you write a block of Java code. The compiled bytecode can run various hardware and OS. Note that, to run java code JVM(Java virtual machine) is required. On various hardware, all the versions of JVM work almost the same.
  • OPP Based: Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Like C, Python, PHP Java also has the OOP feature. But java is more popular because of the extra layer of security, platform independence, etc.
  • Java is fast: One of the attractive features of Java is the automatic memory management system. Java calculates all the memory automatically, This feature made java fast and therefore popular.

Applications of Java Programming Language

The uses of Java programming language is really very extensive. If you look around you will find the code of java either used in your mobile phone or your ATM wallet card. Java is mostly used in:

  • Embedded Device: Lot’s of embedded system and small pieces of hardware use java code for functioning.
  • Smart Card: Sim card, ATM card, and these types of magnetic cards are coded with java. Even you will find Java code in blue-ray disk or television.
  • Corporate Application: For managing big organization java has the ability of big data processing and building software applications for managing all the calculative things like banking applications.
  • Web Application: Java is also used for developing high quality and secured web apps. Websites like Google, Facebook, Linkedin uses Java programming language besides using others.
  • Mobile Application: The most popular mobile OS is Android. To develop android app skill of java is must be required.
  • Desktop Application: Using java very powerful desktop application can be developed. Example: Eclipse, Most of the antivirus, VLC media player, etc programmed by java.

From the above material, now we can realize why learning java is very important to be a good programmer. Before we start learning Java programming we will learn Java terminologies. It is very essential if you are new to programming. In the next tutorial, we will learn terminology to figure out the program structure of Java.

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