.JARVIS File Extension

Jarvis File Extension/File Type

A Jarvis file is a text file that contains plain text and that’s why it is actually a text file. In general, a Jarvis file contains email list of the subscribers for Jarvis acting company. Jarvis file also contains some special parameter for the subscription details for each subscriber. This file type is uniquely created by the Jarvis acting company. Jarvis file also handles the mail delivery to the subscribed users on a weekly basis.

When a Jarvis file is live on the mail server cloud it works for sending a verification mail to each subscriber. The API of the Jarvis file looks for an update on the Jarvis acting company website and other online resources. It stores the updated and newly created link in a log file on the cloud.

The new update logs file on the Jarvis mail server are not connected or affiliated with the Jarvis mailing list file. This log file is automatically created by the server side program of the Jarvis acting company.

Using an API the Jarvis text mailing list file receives the new updates weekly and send the updates to the subscribed users. The API looks for *.jarvis file at a specific directory on the server. After getting the Jarvis file then the API looks for the available mailing list in the file then sends the new updates all the subscribed mail.

Name Description
File Extension example.jarvis, *.jarvis
File Type Binary
File Category Text File
Developer Jarvis Acting Company
Status Active by Jarvis Acting Company
Related Extension EIO File Extension

How to Open JARVIS Files

You can open a Jarvis file by any kinds of text editors. To open a Jarvis file, browse the desired first and then double click on the filename to open in your default file viewer. You can also open it using another text editor by choosing the desired program from the right context menu. A Jarvis file also can be opened or viewed by text file viewer.

Operating System Programs
Windows Any text editor