Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

Getting Started Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most powerful video editing software used by many personal/professional individuals or team or in a professional film/television industries. Welcome to Adobe Premiere Pro Essential Training for the beginner. In this course/tutorial we will learn the most basic to the advanced aspect of Adobe Premiere Pro. We will discuss here numerous steps that will help you to set up your project and working with it from the sketch.

Even if you have no prior knowledge in Premiere Pro. You can start this course. Because this course is designed for the absolute beginner. In this beginner section, you will learn about the most used tools and editing interfaces and their function. I will also explain basic and intermediate editing techniques and workflow.

Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

In this course, you will also learn basic audio editing tools for making polish our audio soundtrack. You will learn effect applying technique to fix, refine, enhance and refine our raw footage and so on. Premiere Pro has a robust color correction tools. We will learn basic and intermediate color correction techniques.

Topics we will cover in this Beginner Course

  • Getting Adobe Premiere Pro, Installing and Launching.
  • Getting to know the Premiere Pro Interface
  • Familiar with the most used tools and menu and their function
  • The post-production workflow in a nutshell with premiere pro.
  • Creating, opening, importing and manipulating projects.
  • Basic editing and refining technique
  • Some amazing and most used keyboard shortcut you will use repeatedly
  • Getting to know the robust color correcting technique
  • Applying effects to polish and enhance your raw footage.
  • Finally rendering the finalize video and sharing it with the world.

In the rest of this course, we will learn Premiere pro form very beginning to advanced. We will follow the most used traditional ways of video editing workflow that is used by most of the video/film organization in these days. So before drive into Adobe premiere pro we will learn the most basic post-production workflow that follows most of the film industries to produce their movie or short film whatever.

So In the next lesson, we are going to learn the basic and base video editing workflow for the post-production. This concept will inspire to learn video editing. Because before start learning you will realize the possibility of learning video editing. You can also realize what you actually can do if you are a smart and advanced video editor.

What the expectation from this course? Let us know in the comment section before the start.

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