Install Opera Web Browser On Linux Mint 19.x

Opera is one of the most popular and stable web browser available for both Desktop and smartphone. It is also a cross-platform browser that is supported on the most popular Operating system out there. Especially it is very popular because of its free VPN and built-in Adblock services.

Moreover, the Opera browser is built on the WebKit engine that enables you to install chrome extensions. It is also not heavy in size and does not consume as much processor power as Google Chrome. So there is a lots of opportunities to use opera browser.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install the opera browser on the Linux mint 19.x version. So, I will not talk too much, let’s begin installing the Opera browser.

Things you need

A version of Linux mint 19.x and a non-root user account with Sudo privileges. And finally, make sure you are connected over the Internet. Thas all.

Install Opera Web Browser on Linux Mint

First of all, the opera browser is not added to the Linux core repository yet. So at first, we will add the opera’s repository using wget command. Or we can directly download the package file from the opera official download page. Here how can we do this;

Download using wget Command

Open up your terminal, then type the following command to download the opera mini latest and stable release.


This command will start downloading the stable version of opera browser. The downloading process will show like the image below in your terminal.

install opera web browser - Downloading opera

After downloading the full deb package run the following command to install the opera browser.

sudo dpkg -i Opera_67.0.3575.97_amd64.deb

This command will start the installation process. During the installtion process,you may get a a followuung notice from opera.

install opera web browser

Keep the read fill button over the Yes button by pressing the left or right arrow button on your keyboard. Hit enter. In the next few moments, the Opera web browser will be installed automatically on your system.

Now, you can launch the Opera browser from the Internet section of the menu bar and start browsing the world.

Handling the.deb archive file

In this install process we have downloaded the opera deb package by wget commands. So after installing the software, you can delete the file or keep it as backup for furture installation from your local computer instead using the wget command.

Fine, you will find the downloaed package in the current directory you are using in your command line.For example, if your current directory is Desktop the you will find the downloaded fine in your desktop folder.

To delete the archive file from your computer run the following command;

sudo rm -r Opera_67.0.3575.97_amd64.deb

This command will remove the archive file.

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