Install Different Theme on new Subdomain using WP

WordPress Glossary

WordPress is fully free CMS and extremely flexible CMS and also easy to use. Every Webmaster either Technical or Non-technical. Even without basic HTML and CSS concept one can maintain a big Website using WordPress. As WordPress is widely used CMS among the World for Blogging and other purposes. Many new and innovative concept discovered the technical user.  And they have expressed this features by Plugin. A non-technical webmaster can use thousand of features by installing plugins. And it is also possible to use different Themes on different Subdomain on a domain. In this article, I will show you How to Install different Theme on each subdomain also known as multisite.

WordPress Multisite

WordPress V3 comes with a new feature Wordpress Multisite. Before the version3.0 webmasters used a different theme by installing fully new WordPress on each Subdomain. The current Version of WordPress is 4.8.2 that supported WordPress. Note that in order to use WordPress Multisite you must have to enable the features in your WordPress Installation.

Enable Multisite

First of all, ensure that you have updated the latest version of WordPress. Login to your Admin cPanel and go to your WordPress directory and find the file wp-config.php open the file into a text editor. Note that backup the wp-config.phpbefore editing for security purpose. In the file add a line define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);click on the save button. Congratulation! you have successfully enabled WordPress multi-site features.

Install Different Theme on Subdomain

After configuring WordPress Multisite for multiple subdomains, you’ll need to configure each subdomain separately. The instructions will vary from installation to installation, after creating subdomains, you’ll be presented with a wizard for each one instructing you with the code you need to add to your wp-config.php file. If you want to manage a number of different subdomains or allow users to install their own, you might want to look through some of the plugins available for Multiuser installations, such as wooCommerce.

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