Increase Upload File Limit in WordPress in a Minute

What is upload Limit

Upload file limit is a component of php.ini in the WordPress terminology. It is the amount of a file size you can upload a file from WordPress Dashboard. It is a written command in your Server Configuration’s php.ini file. When you want to upload a large file to your WordPress site, you can upload the file when your upload limit is very low. In this case, you have to customize it from your server’s php.ini file and you can increase the value as you want. Only then you can upload a larger file.

But it is a matter of sorrow if you use a shared web hosting services most of the time you can not customize the server generally it is known as “No Root Access”. In this case, you have a solution for increasing your max upload size value. Let’s do that.

Steps to increase Upload Limit

First of all, login to your hosting provider’s cPanel where your WordPress site is hosted. Then go to file manager from the cPanel Dashboard. Go to the directory where you WordPress Website was uploaded. For most of the hosting provider, the default directory is Public_html. Then select and open wp-admin folder. In this folder, create a new file from the new file button from your web file manager. Name the file as php.ini.

increase php upload size

After that select the file php.ini and then click on the edit button to edit the php.ini file. After that, copy the code given below and paste it into the php.ini file.  Then save the file and exit. Now your Max Upload file size should be increasing as you defined in your php.ini file. Note that you can define the upload size value as your own. But always try to keep the size minimal as your need. Because Setup a high value generate pressure on the server.